How to Cut a Stone Paver with a Chisel

How to Cut a Stone Paver with a Chisel

In this article I’m going to show you how to cut a stone paver with a chisel.

As you can see in the above picture, I have a stone paver and this type of stone paver is commonly referred to as a patio slab.

The cool thing about this chisel method is that it will work with pretty much any type of stone paver that you can imagine.

The first step in the process is to use a marker or some sort of writing utensil to mark off the area in which you will be cutting.

I will be cutting off a corner of this stone paver but the awesome thing about this method is that you can use this chisel method to cut a stone paver in any way you like. So whether you are cutting off a corner, trimming off the edge or cutting the stone paver in half you can use this method and that is the cool thing about it.

I’m going to go ahead and use a marker to mark off the part which I will be cutting on this stone paver, and I have obviously already measured it so I’m just going to mark it off right now.

After I have marked off the area that I will be cutting, it is time to actually use the hammer and the chisels to cut the stone paver.

As you can see from the initial picture, I have two different chisels (a cold chisel and a brick set chisel) and a hammer, but this method will definitely work if you only have one chisel.

I like to do it using both of these chisels, but if you only have one chisel, you can definitely still get it done.

The first chisel that I use is called a cold chisel. A cold chisel is not wide at all, it’s really narrow, and it is nice and big.

It’s much thicker than the other one but it’s still sharp, and I like to use the cold chisel to create a channel along the line that I marked off on the paver.

I’ll just hit this one nice and lightly to create a nice channel along the line that I marked and once I have created that channel I’ll use the second type of chisel which is called a brick set.

The brick set chisel is much wider than the cold chisel and it’s very sharp and definitely not as thick. This is good to sort of hammer down into the channel that I have created and this will end up being the type of chisel that breaks through. With the brick set chisel you can hammer a little bit harder.

 I’m going to go ahead and use the hammer along with these two chisels to cut off this piece of the stone paver that I have marked off.

The reason for creating the channel is that sometimes when you are hammering you will get a piece that will break off prematurely, just like in the picture below.

The good thing is that if you have created a channel that is deep enough then the piece will break off within that channel, so it will break off exactly where you want it to break off.

I’m going to keep hammering away, and keep working at this channel, and it’s very important when you are cutting off a corner like this or a piece with two lines, to work away at the corner because if it breaks off prematurely, if you have a deep enough channel in the corner, you won’t get an extra break off.

I’m going to keep working my way around until I remove this piece.

This is how to cut a stone paver using a chisel. It is not the cleanest cut, but you can do it using simple tools that don’t have any electrical power. If you need to clean the cut up a little bit you can simply use your chisel and just hammer at it lightly.

Don’t go too hard because you don’t want to break off any unnecessary pieces of the paver, but just go slowly and keep trimming it until you get the precise edge that you want.


How to cut a paver stone with a chisel video.

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